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MBNA Smart Cash Credit Card Review

MBNA Smart Cash Credit Card Review

This card from MBNA is simple, straightforward and easy to use. It provides good cashback rewards with a $0 annual fee. Plus you don’t need to wait for your rewards, you get a check once you reach the $50 threshold. Check out our full review of the MBNA Smart Cash Credit Card below.

MBNA Smart Cash Credit Card Review:

Interest Rate: 19.99%

Annual Fee: $0
Supplemental Card Fee: $0


– 2% on eligible gas and grocery purchases (5% for first 6 months)
– 1% on all other eligible purchases


– Monthly check if cashback total is $50 or greater

Fine Print:

– 1% fee for balance transfers or deposits
– Must not have filed for bankruptcy
– Must not have any outstanding liens or judgements

Extra Perks:

– 1.99% annual interest rate on balance transfers and deposits for first 10 months
– Common Carrier Accidental Death & Dismemberment Benefits

For more details on the card benefits that come with the MBNA cards visit Card Benefits page.

Extra Fees:

None that we could see but if you have experience with extra fees on this card please let us know in the comments.

Additional Comments:

The Smart Cash Credit Card from MBNA is a no nonsense cashback credit card.

No Annual Fee: One of the big benefits of this card is that there is no annual fee which means the cashback rewards you earn go directly back into your pocket rather than towards the annual fee.

MasterCard: This credit card is a MasterCard which means that it will be accepted in many establishments. There are other good cashback credit cards out there but if they’re not accepted everywhere then it loses its appeal as a primary card.

Monthly Checks: The other nice thing about this card is that you get your rewards faster. You don’t have to wait until the end of the year to get your rewards. Instead you get $50 checks ever month you reach this threshold. It couldn’t be easier.

MBNA Smart Cash Credit Card Review: Final Thoughts

There aren’t many cards that can beat the percentage cashback of the MBNA Smart Cash Credit Card and if they can its likely only on a small section of purchases or its on a card thats not accepted everywhere. This cashback card is simple, straightforward and easy to use.


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  1. We have this card. We used it for rewards cash when it was paying out the 5% on gas and groceries the first six months. We used to get a $50 cheque every month or so.

    Now we use it for low rate cash balance transfers. We never pay a fee for the transfer and pay 0.99% interest. We use this to pay off higher interest rate debt. But very important to not charge anything else to the card and ensure it is fully paid before the low rate period expires.

    • That’s awesome to hear Deb. As I write this comment this card is currently our Best Cashback Credit Card in Canada so I’m glad you find it useful too! Good to know that it’s also good for balance transfers. Thanks for the comment!

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