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No Fee Scotiabank Value Visa Card Review

No Fee Scotiabank Value Visa Card Review

The No Fee Scotiabank Value Visa Card is an awesome low-interest credit card with a small catch. The extremely low interest rate is only an introductory rate for six months. But at 3.99% it offers consumers a great way to reduce their credit balance and avoid extremely high interest charges for a short period of time.

The other catch is that the introductory rate only applies to balance transfers and cash advances. The low interest rate does not apply to purchases even if they’re made during the 6 month period.

Because this No Fee Scotiabank Value Visa card is a no-fee credit card it offers a great opportunity for those who are currently carrying a balance. You can switch balances from high interest cards to the No Fee Scotiabank Value Visa card and save a bunch of money.

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No Fee Scotiabank Value Visa Card Review:

Interest Rate: 3.99% for 6 months, 16.99%

Annual Fee: $0
Supplemental Card Fee: $0

Rewards: None

Redemption: N/A

Fine Print:

– Minimum credit limit of $500
– 3.99% is an introductory rate for only 6 months and only for balance transfers and cash advances
– 16.99% rate on all purchases, even during 6 month promo period, details here.

Extra Perks:

The No Fee Scotiabank Value Visa Card is a basic credit card that doesn’t come with any rewards or travel points. That being said there are two good perks with this card.

– Balance transfer fee (usually 1%) is waived for this offer
– 20% Discount with Avis

Extra Fees:

None that we could see. But if you have feedback/experience with extra fees on this card please add your feedback in the comments below.

Additional Comments:

This is a great low-interest credit card for those who already have a balance and want to transfer it over to a low interest card. The introductory rate only lasts for 6 months but by avoiding the normal 17% interest rate this can really help consumers reduce their balance.

The only catch with this card is that new purchases are subject to the regular 17% interest rate. This is important to note because its only discussed in the fine print and could come as a surprise to some.

No Fee Scotiabank Value Visa Card Review: Final Thoughts

This No Fee Scotiabank Value Visa card has one of the lowest interest rates for credit cards in Canada (albeit for only six months). Because of this low interest rate it is a great card for those who have a balance or foresee themselves using the cash advance option.

Remember to read the fine print before signing up for the No Fee Scotiabank Value Visa card as terms or conditions may have changed since this post.

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