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Tim Hortons Double Double Credit Card Review

Tim Hortons Double Double Credit Card Review

Do you like your daily double double from Tim’s? Well then this card is probably for you. The Tim Hortons Double Double credit card acts as both a Visa and a Tim’s card. This card from CIBC offers a 1% rewards rate on all eligible purchases. The neat thing is that rewards are available immediately after the transaction is processed. So next time you go shopping you could enjoy a free double double from Tim Hortons & CIBC.

Tim Hortons Double Double Credit Card Review:

Interest Rate: 19.99%

Annual Fee: $0
Supplemental Card Fee: $0

Tim Hortons Tim Cash: 

– Receive 1% on all eligible purchases


– Immediately! Use your 1% at Tim Hortons immediately after each transaction has been processed.

Fine Print:

– No extraordinary items in the fine print.

Extra Perks:

– Card acts as both a Visa and a Tim Card
– Receive a one time bonus of $20 in Tim Cash once you’ve charged $200 to the Tim Hortons Double Double card.
– Purchase Security & Extended Protection Insurance

Extra Fees:

– No extraordinary fees that we could see, but if you have experience with unforeseen fees with this card please let us know in the comments

Additional Comments:

The Tim Hortons Double Double card is great for regular Tim Hortons coffee drinkers. The card acts as a Visa as well as a regular Tim Card that you can load with additional money online.

The nice thing about this card is that the rewards are redeemable immediately. Unlike many other rewards, travel or cashback cards this credit card allows rewards to be used right away. Thats a nice feature in a rewards card. Who doesn’t like immediate gratification?

The rewards rate is a decent 1%. That means that for a monthly spending of $1000/month you’ll accrue $120 in Tim Cash per year. Thats equal to about 60 large coffees at Tim Hortons. If you’re a regular Tim’s coffee drinker like me then thats a benefit that you can enjoy right away.

The only downside of this card is that the 1% rewards rate is not the best in the industry for a rewards card. The Best Rewards Credit Card Canada offers a higher return on each dollar of purchases you put on the card.

Tim Hortons Double Double Credit Card Review: Final Thoughts

The Tim Hortons Double Double card is a very novel credit card from CIBC. It acts as both a Visa and a Tims card. The rewards rate is 1% which is decent for a rewards card. Plus rewards are available immediately after purchases are processed so you can enjoy a free coffee after your next shopping spree!


It’s been almost a year that I’ve hard this card and I must say that I agree with a lot of the comments below. My personal experience hasn’t been great. The card doesn’t always work. It probably has something to do with the fancy buttons on the card. But it can be embarrassing when trying to pay for something and the card appears to get declined. Even it happens 1 in 10 times it’s still too often.

Hopefully these issues get resolved. I do still use the card for major purchases because I enjoy the rewards.

Bonus! If you had this card during May/June 2015 then you would have received a free coffee every Friday from CIBC/Tim Hortons!


This Double Double card from CIBC and Tim Hortons has now become my main credit card. Some of the kinks have been worked out and they do offer some unique rewards with this card. On top of the 1% you earn in Tim $’s you also get some nice freebies every once in a while. There was ‘free coffee Friday’ where every Friday you’d get a coupon for a free coffee. Now there is a free treat every weekend, as long as you’ve made at least one purchase on the card the previous month. These aren’t huge $ value but it makes the card that much more fun.

As I said, I’ve switched over from my other credit card and this has become my main credit card for purchases. Expect another update if the situation changes.


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  1. Great review, Thomas! I’m almost tempted. Alas, I mostly drinking home brewed coffee these days. 😉

  2. Hi Thomas, I’m interested to know if you have any more updated details on the card. I want to get it as I’m a regular customer there (sometimes twice a day) and I want to know if it’ll benefit me. I’d only use it to purchase my tims and control how much I’m spending there, and use my regular visa for all my other purchases. What do you think?

  3. Decent rewards but a very cheaply made card mines is not even 2 months old and the top is cracking and peeling

    • I agree, I have had mine for 5 mnths now and it’s already damaged to the point where now I have to get a new one. It also doesn’t work all the time in the ATMS

  4. This is one of the worst quality credit cards I have ever seen. First off, it took 11 weeks to receive the card after I was told I got approved – notifed in September, got card in November. Secondly, when I received the card it looked like it was all chewed up and bent. Now, only 2 months later the switch between Tim’s and Visa no longer works so the card is useless. Overall very bad experience with this card. I would not recommend unless CIBC can change the quality of the card to make it less cheap looking/feeling and ensure the switch works for longer than 2 months.

  5. Beware: This is the worst card do not get it. Waited 3 months to get it. Once arrived (card #1), the lights didn’t work…card was useless. Replacement Card 2 arrived in 1 week….lasted less then a month. Replacement card #3…lasted 2 months, lights do not come on. Called in June 5th for a replacement expedited….asked specifically for an expedite. The CSR didn’t note this and it’s been 2 weeks and no card.
    The choice is yours….but make sure you read the reviews, talk to friends and consider something else. Customer service has been nothing but a joke, stressful and non responsive. Moving to another bank once I get the automatic payments transffered over….

  6. I’ve had my card 4 weeks and just tried to use it at Walmart, and the battery is dead and it wouldn’t work. I called customer service and it will take 1-2 weeks to receive a new one. The last time I went to a bank machine, the card wouldn’t go In the ATM and all the help the teller could offer was to “play with it.” It took close to TEN minutes. Not impressed. I’d rather have two separate cards than deal with these issues!!!! Side note: telephone based customer service is very quick and helpful with what they can do, it’s just their hands are tied with the poor design of the card…..

    In July 2015 I walked into a Tim Hortons in Vancouver, BC. While I was enjoying my coffee, I was approached by a young gentleman who asked if I would participate in a survey. His DID NOT at any time say he was representing CIBC. I was told I was going to get some coupons from Tim Horton’s for participating in this survey. Please be WARNED that they took this information that was collected for a “survey” and then handed over to CIBC to their credit card department in order to apply for a credit card which I did not authorize or want. I have been getting the run around from CIBC for over four months and discovered that they are storing my personal information which I did not authorize that to do so. According to CIBC, they will be storing my personal information for 6 years. CIBC will do absolutely NOTHING FOR THE CONSUMER!!

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